WEN Logo Slider Pro


WEN Logo Slider Pro by WEN Solutions, is a simple solution for carousel-based affiliation , in mind, but can be used and extended to a wide variety of purpose for responsive, beautiful display of slideshow. It comes with standard options that gives the admin control over the look and feel of the slider.


  • Fully Responsive slider.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • External link for each slide.
  • Options for slide speed, transition delay, number of logos per slide.
  • Uses WordPress Media Library to upload images. Includes bulk uploading.
  • Easy re-ordering of images ( drag-drop ).
  • Multiple slideshows.
  • Includes settings for individual slider as well as global settings for all the sliders.
  • Show/Hide option for slider title.
  • Title size option for slider title.
  • Auto Play option to play slider in auto run mode or not.
  • Pause on hover option for slider images.
  • Center Mode option for creating a center mode in slider images.
  • Multiple caption position for slider caption.
  • Random Order for slider images.
  • Mobile Option for specifying number of images in slider for mobile device.
  • Slider image size option.
  • Looping slider images.
  • Enable/Disable mouse dragging option.
  • Slide Direction to specify direction for slider images.
  • Lazy Load option.
  • Different pagination types for pagination option.
  • Navigation Arrow option for deciding whether to show navigation arrow or not.
  • Navigation Arrow Type option for selecting different arrows.
  • Ability to hide/unhide arrow of slider in mobile device.
  • Powered by Slick Carousel.

WEN Logo Slider Vs WEN Logo Slider Pro Version