WP Travel Stripe iDEAL Checkout

By: WEN Solutions
Version: 1.1.0 updated: 10/15/2020 Instructions Support

Stripe users in Europe and the United States can accept iDEAL payments from customers in the Netherlands using Sources—a single integration path for creating payments using any supported method.

In order to pay with iDEAL, customers are redirected to their online banking environment where they can authenticate the payment using a second factor of authentication. The exact experience customers go through will depend on their bank. While the iDEAL payment flow may not appear seamless to some businesses discovering it, it is well understood and appreciated by Dutch customers. Payments are irrevocable and immediately confirmed, two strong value propositions of iDEAL for businesses.

Ultimate Features

Direct Bank Payment

The list of banks to make the direct bank payment is more than 10 which vaguely increases the flexibility of the payment procedure for the customers in the Netherlands.

Smart Authentication and Authorization

Stripe’s pre-processing layer and payment API makes the payment gateway safe to use. The confidentiality and crucial credentials are well protected in a smarter ways.

Friendly Payment Page

Payment page of the plugin is rich in UI simplicity thus, the payment method creates an easy environment for the users to make the payment.

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