Charitize Pro

Charitize Pro, a simple & clean WordPress theme for all the Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Profit Associations, Foundations or churches, political parties etc. With lots of customization features, you can easily built a professional website for your organization. This theme supports most of the popular plugins like contact from 7, jetpack, PS sitemap etc.

We would like to thank you for using Charitize Pro.This quick tutorial will show you how to install and use some of the basic yet useful features of Charitize Pro WordPress theme.

Theme Installation

After you purchase and download your theme from Theme Palace you can choose either of the approaches given below to install your theme.

Approach I : From your admin dashboard.

1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard with your login details.
2. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
3. Select Add New.
4. Then select Upload Theme button.
5. Click Browse to locate file from your computer.
6. Select and click Install Now.

Approach II : Upload and install theme through FTP client

You can use FTP client like FileZilla to connect your web server.

1. Unzip to your Desktop.
2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to /wp-content/themes/ and upload your new copy of Charity Pro Theme.
3. Now, log into the WordPress Dashboard with your login details.
4. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
5. You will see the theme in the list.
6. Then click Activate button.
7. Now the theme will be activate and go through the following options to set up the theme step wise.

( Hint: We assume we are in “Customize” section for whole theme customization part i.e. Appearance > Customize.)

Customizer Options

1.Site Identity

Site Identity is the first customization option under customizer. You can Add a Logo and update your site information on Site title, tagline and site icon under this customizer section.


Theme color options can be set and configured in this customizer section. The section is further divided into three sub sections:

  • Basic Color Options : Contains color options settings for overall website layout.
  • Charitize Color Options : Color options for special charitize theme sections.
  • Charitize Color Reset : Reset option to restore back all color changes back to the theme’s default colors.

3.Font Setting

This section lets you choose desired font from the list of available fonts for your website. You can choose and apply different fonts for different available areas of the website from within this section.

4.Background Image

This section lets you choose the background image to apply to the entire site background.


Section to set and apply menu to the available menu areas in the theme. The charitize pro theme offers three different menu locations (Primary, Footer and Social) to set desired menus.


Widgets section is where you can choose and configure to set different widgets in areas available within the theme.

6.Static Front Page

This section lets you choose the options on displaying either all latest posts or a static page to the front page. Further customizations to the front page follows in the sections below this section.

7.Home / Front Main Slider

In this section you can set the main front page slider configuration that is displayed in the front page of the theme. Options here are furthur described according to the sections they belong to :

  • Setting Options : Includes settings for slider display enable / disable option, no. of sliders  and the slider display type ( pages / categories ).
  • Select From page : Lets you choose the desired pages to display in the front slider. (page title, excerpt and featured image will be used as slide title, slide content and slider image respectively )
  • Select From category : Lets you choose the category of pages to display in the front slider.
  • Slider Property : Contains configurations for the slider functionalities and behavior.

8.Home / Front Activity Section

In this section you can set and configure contents to display in the “Activities Area” just below the main front page slider. The settings under this sections are :

  • Activities Options Sections : Contains settings to enable / disable section with general configurations.
  • Select Activities From Page : Setting to choose pages for to display in the Activities section.
  • Select Activities From Category : Setting to choose category to choose pages that displays in the activities section.

9.Home / Front Donate Section

Configurations under this section can be used to configure special “Donate” Call to Action in Charitize Pro theme. Settings under this sections are :

  • Section options : Contains settings to enable / disable  and choose page contents to display in the “Donate”  Section.
  • Section Settings : Contains settings for text content length, Button link and Button text  for the donate section.

10.Theme Options

All theme related options, configurations and settings can be found in Theme Options section. You can get a wide variety of options to toggle and customize to set your Charitize Pro Theme as per your requirements and taste. The furthur sections of settings under theme options are enlisted below with general usage instructions :

  • Layout Options : Contains options to configure overall layout of the theme. Under this section, settings for sidebar display layout, archive layout, default excerpt length and default image alignments can be configured in this section.
  • Breadcrumb Options : Under this setting you can choose to enable / disable the breadcrumb display in the website.
  • Header Options : Contains settings for the header bar, Header button link and text settings and social enable.
  • Footer Options : Contains settings for the footer area Sidebar (Widgets Area ) and custom copyright text options.
  • Back To Top Options : Contains setting to enable / disable back to top button display to the front end.
  • Pre Loader Options : Contains setting to enable / disable preloader display before page loads to the front end.
  • Custom CSS : Input Text area to implement all your custom CSS modifications to the theme.

11.Reset All Options

This section lets you reset all options back to the theme defaults the way it was the first time. If you mess something up and cant figure out where to revert back, this option will help you reset to start customizations just like a fresh theme setup.