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    Hi Support team,

    How can I figure the current version of Bizlight-Pro and how can I perform an upgrade without overriding the theme with all my settings?

    URL: http://planfocus.com.au



    @smariani, you are using the premium version Bizlight-Pro your theme is capable to receive the automatic updates notification in your dashboard.

    For this you should have entered your license key in Appearance -> Theme License in your dashboard.

    License key can be seen in your My Account dashboard at Theme Palace.

    But if all this is already set, then just go to your theme dashboard and check if any update notification is shown.

    Regarding upgrading your Pro theme, your all previous custom settings (Customizer ) will remain safe even after you update your theme.


    Hi Support Team,
    Is it normal that the update of Bizlight Pro 2.0.4 to 2.0.6 version, in my theme dashboard don’t appear?
    “API License Key” and “API License email” in my dashboard are with green flags. Do I have to update manually?
    URL site is: http://blusub.ve.it
    Thank for your reply.


    @delfinaki58, please verify your current status of update notification by once reading this tutorial.


    If the license key you have used is fine you should be getting update notification on your theme.

    You would not need to upload manually in this case.

    Please check out the article and let us know if it’s still the problem .

    If you found it’s issue with License Key kindly submit your details directly to our support team with WP admin login details by filling out this form http://themepalace.com/update-key-support/.

    Thank you.



    The current version of my theme is Bizlight-pro 2.0.5. I understand there is version 2.0.6 available. I was expecting an automatic update but since it’s still on version 2.0.5 i guess it hasnt happened.

    I have entered the licence key and gets the following message:
    License key is active. Expires March 6, 2017. You have 1 / 1 sites activated.

    How can the update get triggered? URL: http://planfocus.com.au



    Hello @smariani,
    By default, WordPress doesn’t allow to automatic update anything. You have to write code or use plugin to enable automatic updates. You can try The WP Updates Settings plugin for managing all your automating updates.

    Here’s the link of the plugin:
    WP Update Plugin



    Sorry for the trouble.

    Here is a demo if it can help you.

    Theme update notification in your screen

    Theme update notification

    Update link in your screen

    Update link

    If still the problem, inform our support team directly to inspect your WP admin. For that please fill out this form http://themepalace.com/update-key-support/.

    Thank you

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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