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    I simply want “related post” sidebar disappears in the blog page.
    It looks impossible…
    Where’s the trick?


    Hello @diegosala, by means of “related post” are you trying to add custom widget in the sidebar. It is not clear how you are trying to add it since theme does not have such pre-built widget in the latest version.

    Also if you could share your site URL then it be helpful for us to check and find the solution.


    thanks for your reply.
    What I need is to delete the section “related post” in blog page.
    Please see this page: http://www.thailandia.tv/2016/09/08/video-1-da-youtube-link/
    I want to cancel the related post section on the right and slide up the below content (video and script). Normally it is so easy, but with this theme it looks impossible… 🙂
    Thanks for your support!


    Hello @diegosala

    If you want to delete the related post section in blog page, you need to add custom CSS.
    For this you need to go to Admin Panel / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / General.
    In this section you will see Custom CSS. Here copy and paste below CSS.

    .single .related-post {
        display: none;

    Hope this will help to resolve your issue.
    Let us know how it goes.

    Best Regards!!!


    Perfect! Now it disappeared. Thanks a lot!


    Hi Team,

    Please support as i want to increase number of related post with thumbnail size, in end of article. my website is http://indiandiary.in/. please support.

    Thanks & regards,
    Shivam Yadav



    The posts title at the end of the post single page is actually post navigation ( prev / next ) post links and not related articles.The theme by default does not provide a feature to display related posts.

    As much as we would like to help you we are not able to as, the theme doesn’t support this customization and this is beyond the support offered for our products, which consists of bug fixing and theme documentation.

    Although it is possible for you to achieve your request on the theme with advanced code customization of the theme, it might effect other parts of the theme, like its design and at times its functionality.

    It would be wise not to customize the code yourself if you do not have knowledge on programming,
    Our suggestion to you is to hire a professional developer for your customization, so that your theme will no be effected in any way.

    To hire a developer please follow the link below

    We hope it helps,
    Best Regards.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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