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    I am trying to create a child theme for Bizlight before I install Bizlight Pro so I dont lose the changes I’ve already made to the Bizlight theme. I created the child theme for Bizlight per the wordpress instructions but the child theme still doesnt come up on my wp.admin dashboard.
    I am not sure if I put the child theme under the correct directory. Their are two wp-content folders in my cpanel…
    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please keep in mind I know very little about coding so please have patience as I try to figure this out.



    @stacy, sorry to know that you are having trouble with creating a Child Theme.

    First of all, you’d need to distinguish and remove either of the two wp-content folder in your cpanel. This might be causing this problem.

    – All theme should reside under /wp-content/themes/ folder.
    – Make sure you have parent theme ‘bizlight-pro’ exists in order for child theme to work.
    – Child theme basically should have two files namely style.css and functions.php inside it.
    – Make sure you have the proper style code and PHP code as instructed here https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

    If you still have this problem, please paste your style.css header information and functions.php code to look for any issues in the code.

    Thank you



    Thank you for the information I will make the changes and definitely let you know. I do have another question.

    Do I need to create a child theme for Bizlight (not the pro version) so I dont lose the customized changes I’ve made to my site BEFORE I activate Bizlight Pro?

    Or should I create a child theme for both Bizlight & Bizlight Pro?

    I have previewed Bizlight Pro on my site without activating it yet. All of the changes don’t switch over in the preview. If I activate the Pro version will I lose all of my changes and it will default to what the theme comes with or will it transfer my changes to the Pro version once I activate it?

    Again, thank you for your patience.



    @stacy, thank you for your queries.

    Clearly, it looks like you are trying to upgrade your theme from free to Pro version of Bizlight theme.

    If you have had already customize or made the changes in code in your free theme and keep that in Pro theme as well then you should need to make the child theme of Pro version.

    Step would be like

    1. Upload Bizlight Pro (Pro version)
    2. Make it’s Child Theme and copy all custom code into your new child theme.
    3. Activate the child theme.

    Regarding customizer options, at this moment, they will not be migrated to Pro version after activation.

    This means you have to keep in mind the all the settings you have done previously and re-setup it in Pro version. Also please note the widget as well.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. This feature will be introduced in next release of the update.

    Let us know if any thing is unclear from this response.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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