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    Rick D’Haene

    I have added the following custom CSS to the Custom CSS section of the Display tab: body { margin-top: 36px; }

    Adding this code pushes the page’s content down allowing the notice to display above, instead of on top of, the content in the header. The problem I’m seeing is that this custom CSS is added site wide, not just for the page I have selected / activated the notice on. Further, when the notice itself is disabled this CSS is still loading site wide. So, even with the notice disabled I’d have to remove the custom CSS so that it doesn’t impact the entire website.

    Can you tell me why the custom CSS is loading on every page of the website even though I have the notice set to display on a single page, and even when the notice in question is disabled? It seems to me that the custom CSS for the specific notice should only fire on pages where the notice is set to display, and only if the notice is not disabled.



    Hello @bellinghamp,

    It is because you have added the general CSS targeting the general class which will affect all the pages.

    So you need to use the class from the notice bar and use the page ID so that it will only affect your desired place.

    Also, can you please provide your site URL so that we can inspect further and help you?

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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