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    A few negative things have happened when I decided to upgrade to eVision Corporate Pro.

    Primarily, text boxes on the home page don’t allow me to space them out. All I want to do is press Return/Enter and have a space in between text. This feature was in the free version but doesn’t format on the site in the Pro version.

    Secondly, in eVision corporate I was able to post a link to a Youtube video and have a display box of the video appear on the site. Now, with eVision Corporate Pro, the site is displaying only the link to the video, instead of the video itself.

    Finally, despite all the customization I can’t seem to change the color of the buttons away from orange. I’ve gone through and changed every color option to something other than orange to the point where no orange should be on the site, yet it remains.

    Help would be appreciated.

    For reference, http://www.aspiretocycle.net


    Hello @jkolakow

    The issue you are trying to point out are not actually the issues. We are trying to figure out your issues and hence we have tried to explain them here:

    – Your Primary issue:

    I am unable to know which text boxes on the home page don’t allow you to space them out. All I want to do is press Return/Enter and have a space in between text?

    Can you please tell me that which section of front page are you referring to or may be with screenshot would be much better.

    – Your Second issue:

    As far as I have checked locally in pro as well as free version, the link to a Youtube video is not supported in front page. But when you visit the particular page/post with Youtube link it display with box but only on front page it display link cause its the theme feature to avoid invalid URLs as well as injections.
    As in front page you are directly inserting link from Customization section the links are not rendered which in turn displays the links. So youtube video is not supported in front page. However the links works on inner pages/posts.

    – Your Final issue:

    As I have seen your site there is no orange color in the site except in service section fa-icon background. Are you referring to this particular color? So can you please make your issue a bit more clear so that exact solution is provided.

    Waiting to hear from your side.
    Let us know if you have any more confusion on the theme.

    Best Regards!!!


    I just discovered a nice theme and bought it right away. To my surprise, after I upgraded to Education Hub Pro, I am unable to post new entries. I can not edit pages, the text editor won´t work, neither can I upload or choose a new image.
    I switched back to my old theme and was able to write or upload images.
    Can you help please?


    Solved! I uninstalled the theme and reinstalled it again.


    Under the edit homepage/frontpage section, in the About Us subsection, I am formatting in a text break in the “About Section Main Content” field using the return key. That text break is not following over onto the site, whereas it did in the free version.

    I have a plugin which allows the viewing of Youtube videos as a video that worked on the home page with the free version. Now with the Pro version its just displaying the link.

    Yes, that orange color under the service section is the one I would like to change.


    Hello @jkolakow

    Your queries are replied below:

    For the solution of first and second issue you need to create and activate child theme.
    Reference here for child theme.
    After successfully creating child theme you will find about.php file in main theme’s folder / inc / hooks / front-page.
    In this file your will see:

    function evisioncorporatepro_front_about() {

    in line no. 12.
    Now copy the entire function ( from line no.12 – 115) in your child theme’s functions.php file.
    The line no. may not match after copying it in child theme’s functions.php file for which you can refer theme’s about.php file as explained earlier file for exact line no.
    Now in line no.40 you will see below code:

    echo '<p class="lead">'.wp_kses_post( $evisioncorporatepro_customizer_all_values['evisioncorporatepro-about-main-content'] ).'</p>';

    Now you need to replace above code with below code:

    echo '<p class="lead">'.apply_filters('the_content', $evisioncorporatepro_customizer_all_values['evisioncorporatepro-about-main-content'] ).'</p>';

    Note: Please customize the files in child theme so that you changes will still remain after theme’s update.
    Your last query:
    To change the orange color under the service section you need to add Custom CSS.
    For this you need to go to Admin Panel / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Custom CSS Options.
    In this section you will see a box to write Custom CSS. Now copy and paste below code in that box.

    .single-circle-icon  span a i {
        background: #25E8E8 none repeat; //put your choice of color here

    Hope the above solutions will help to resolve your issues.
    If any confusion during the process feel free to post.

    Best Regards!!!


    Attempting to update to Pro. Bought the zip file and have the key but when I attempt to upload, WordPress errors out and continues to ask me for a file. I’m using Chrome and WordPress 4.5.3.

    Cannot get new/upgraded theme to load.


    Hello @davis386,

    Can you please open a new thread for your issue so that it would be easier for us to sort and solve the issue?

    Hope you understand,
    Thank you.

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