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    Since updating the theme to the latest version,

    Instead of the homepage showing like it used to I get the following message displayed.

    ‘Thank you for choosing Profitmag
    You are viewing this message because options of home page have not been setup.<br/> Please go to “Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Home Page Blocks” in admin panel to setup options.’

    Homepage Screenshot

    Even though I have the Homepage Settings set to static page with separate pages for home and posts.

    The homepage settings

    Whats the quick fix? I’ve temporarily, put a holding page up, to stop visitors seeing this, if I check the page directly that I’m inserting into the home page it works fine.



    The issue is quite unlikely to happen.

    So, when we tested the issue on our side, we were unable to find such issues.

    The issue might have caused by the other third party plugin that you have activated.

    So please once verify the issue by deactivating all other third party plugins.

    Thank you.


    Hey thank you for your reply,

    I have de-activated, every plugin on the site with the same outcome as before, I have read a little about child themes, is there away to add a child theme and edit the child copy of the homepage to make sure it propagates with the required site page in place.

    Cheers in advance.


    Hello @rich,

    Yes, you can activate the child theme using the plugin like WP Child theme generator.


    Make all the changes through the child theme as it is the safest way of getting changes done in the parent theme.

    Thank you.


    I’m assuming that I will need to edit front-page.php, any idea what code I need to remove from this and what i need to add to get the page I want to display?

    I’m familiar with php but not with the coding of the theme, could you point me in the right direction

    Cheers in advance



    Assisting in the changes of the codes is out of the scope of the support forum. As much as we love to help you, we are unable to do so. However, if you want a professional to do the work for you, you can consider hiring a professional developer.

    Hoping for your kind co-operation.




    I’m a little confused it’s a support forum,

    I’m only asking for help with the code to Bypass a problem with the theme, that is having an issue not generated by any conflicts with plugin’s (as it does the same issue, with no plugins activated or installed, it does the same on a fresh install).

    I have checked and double checked the Appearance settings
    Homepage settings are set to a static page,

    homepage- Home Content (page)
    Post Page – Posts (page)

    In theme options Home Page Blocks
    all the sections are showing ‘— Select —’
    with the No. of posts to display set to the default’s 6,6,10,7,3,3

    So the question is why is it asking me to set up ‘Home Page Blocks’ when I want to show a static front page, which I have defined.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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