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    Ben Williams

    Hi there,

    After playing around with image sizing and a bit of coding, I can’t find a way to put a picture of my testimonials in the section on the homepage. I’m guessing this is pretty basic stuff, but I’ve been trying for an hour now and can’t seem to find them problem!

    I’m looking for the image to either appear below the title (where the name of my testimonial appears) or to the left of both the quote and name of my testimonial.

    Thanks for the help.



    Hello @Ben Williams

    As you have mentioned that “I’ve been trying for an hour now and can’t seem to find them problem!” , I am sorry to say that this is not a problem rather a feature.

    As you can refer this the demo of the theme here, there are no image appearing in testimonial section.

    Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t support this customization and, as much as we would love to help with some custom code, this is beyond the support offered for our products, which consists of bug fixing and theme documentation.

    And thanks for your suggestion we will try to integrate this feature in next updates.




    I bought the Pro version of Biography and have the same problem. I am referring to the images under “client testimonials” as they appear on the demo page at: http://themepalace.com/theme-demo/?demo=c3ptV08yQ3FTclhDakRBaUJxR0x1QT09

    You will notice that this is not the same as bizlight-pro.

    Now when I update the testimonials I get a blank image “sayer-no-image.jpg”.

    If I cannot customise this I would like to remove that image section.


    Hello @tmharish

    Can you please post your site URL so that we could debug your issue in much more details and provide you with some possible solution.

    And please create a new ticket for new issue in particular theme’s support forum that you are currently using.


    Best Regards!!!


    @tmharish, answer to your query will be posted once after you open a new ticket in http://themepalace.com/forum/biography-pro/ forum . Sorry for an inconvenience as it is the forum rule.

    Thank you.

    Ben Williams


    I see that now the demo shows pictures above the testimonials. This is perfect as it appears exactly as I want it to. Does this mean that there was an update? I have set up my website as a childtheme so does this mean I cannot download the update?


    Hello @Ben Williams

    Yes there was an update released for the theme, and yes you can download the update for the parent theme and the update will be implemented it self on the child theme that is if your theme license has not expired yet.

    If your theme license has expired you will have to renew it, and only then will the update be available for you.

    Hope you understand.
    Best regards.

    Logical Growth

    Thanks! The update 2.1.2 has successfully installed. However, I now cannot find where you actually import the pictures in the testimonial section. Is it in customise? Has the theme instructions been updated yet?


    Hello @logical growth,

    In the testimonial section, if you have assigned a page or a post to display the testimonial the testimonial section will take the featured image of the page/post as the testimonial picture.

    We hope you understand,
    Best regards,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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