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    Hi sir
    I use eVision Corporate for my site. I want to add another language to my site and i use polylang plugin. Plugin works well but the strings which I write for instance in customization –> front page/home page –> About section main title or content are not detect by plugin so it could not be translated. Can you help me?


    Support Team


    Hope this thread could help you addressing your request which has moreover the similar case.

    Thank you.



    Thank you for support
    I read that but unfortunately i couldn’t fix it. I can call pll_register_string from admin site and no problem with that but i can’t use pll_e. I paste the code below echo function in this code is produce the text which i cant translate it. Can you help me how to use pll_e to fix that?

    if(isset($evision_corporate_customizer_all_values['evision-corporate-about-main-title']) && !empty($evision_corporate_customizer_all_values['evision-corporate-about-main-title']) ){
    echo '<h2>'.wp_kses_post( $evision_corporate_customizer_all_values['evision-corporate-about-main-title'] ).'</h2>';


    I found the answere here just for others

    Theme customization sections not translated

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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