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    so sorry, is not possible that every time I applied a new update, I have to review all my graphic choises, because it returned my site to your original theme.
    Please don’t give updates if this is the goal… I think that I have to put contents now in the site, no more time to resolve in every update my graphic appearances.
    Thank you.



    Sorry for the misunderstanding and inconvenience you had through each updates.

    It’s not clear how your graphic got override in each updates.

    None of the upgrades will affect an existing file that was not a part of the original core.

    Updates do not delete anything they only overwrite core files.

    The reason for a child theme is to make a way to protect hard coded changes that would otherwise be overwritten in existing core files such as functions.php, style.css or any graphic images (physical files).

    Additionally, your customizer options (Theme Options) should also remain un-change since these values is stored in the database.


    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    With the update 2.08, the main page changed in slider title position and font size. The font size changed also in “service session” and “about session”.
    The last update (2.09) canceled all the customization in my main theme, include “custom css”, font color, etc. Practically, my page presented the same theme in colors, slides and words that you can find there: http://demo.evisionthemes.com/bizlight-pro/ . Furthermore, if I go on the updates page of my dashboard, I found that my theme has even new versions available (2.09), but I updated it!
    I found two bugs that are not correct in this version (if it depend by your theme):
    1) The change of “default banner image” in Layout Option don’t work. In 2.08 persist the original picture; in 2.09 became all gray.
    2) In the smartphone appearance menu at the top of the page (3 lines) don’t work (tested on Iphone 5, Blackberry Z30 and Samsung).
    Thank you again.


    I have updated to 2.0.9 and my custom homepage and every overrides with custom.css are away. How you will fix this problem?


    Hello @delfinaki58 and @fishipictures

    As much as I would love to help you with the issue you guys are having with these latest updates, but we are unable to create the scenario of your issue.

    We checked locally by switching the theme from old version to latest version i.e: 2.0.9, and we are unable to get the issue you are trying to explain. For e.g Custom CSS values still exists and they don’t disappear after updating to 2.0.9.

    And we would like to make clear that the theme is not test with any third party plugins, other than theme recommended plugins. So if you have installed any third party plugin then they might have created this issue.

    So, try deactivating them and setup your site=’s settings again and update.
    So, by doing this you will not face these problems in each updates.

    And for your information the value of Custom CSS will never disappear on theme update ( If you haven’t installed any of the third party plugins.)

    So if you use any third party plugins then plugin may or mayn’t effect the theme’s settings and values according to how the plugin is developed or coded.

    Hope these information will help you.



    Hello support team,
    thank you for your reply.
    I have try to apply update again with all the plugins deactivated, but nothing it is changed about the update notify, that persisted:
    You have version installed. Update to 2.0.9.
    Doesn’t matter, I know that I have the last version (2.0.9).
    Luckily in this case nothing on my web pages is change.
    Thank you again.


    @wensolutions: Now it works fine. I have got the newest version 2.1.2.

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