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    With the new update my site was returned to the default colors and my logo was gone. I got my logo back up, but my colors keep reseting to the default colors after I change them. Please fix!


    Hello @flipflopshelosandlegos,

    We appreciate your feedback regarding the theme. We are currently verifying the issues for the latest version of the theme on our side.

    The issue will surely be debugged and fixed if the issue exists in the latest theme version.

    We will notify you further if any updates are required.

    Thank you for the patience,

    Best Regards !!


    Additionally, now when we try and share the post via Facebook, the post has a picture associated with it that is not anywhere in the post. Please fix this quickly. You are costing us page views!


    How do I go back to the previous version? It was working fine. Please tell me how to get back to the last version before I lose anymore traffic on my page.


    Hello @flipflopshelosandlegos,

    First of all we apologize for all the trouble you are having.

    Regarding the first issue you have mentioned , we have solved this in our latest version of the theme.
    The theme version 1.0.5 will be releasing with in few hours and available for update. So you can update to the latest version and verify your issue.

    The issue regarding the facebook post sharing, it is not the theme feature.

    Also if you have any problem regarding the theme, Please let us know.

    Best Regards!!


    Hello @flipflopshelosandlegos,,

    The new version of the Amazing Blog Pro theme has been released with the fix with the issues mentioned above.

    Please update the theme to the latest available version ( V.1.0.5 ) that fixes the issues.

    Hope this Helps,

    Best Regards !!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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