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    I am using the first page with widgets. I have created several post in the ET About widget. One of them is called consultants, and the URL is then /about/consultant/

    I also created pages for the Service widget. One of the pages is called consultants, the URL should be /services/consultant/. However, the Know more button directs me to the about page about consultants.

    I changed the title, that didn’t help. I removed the page and recreated it. The button shows the correct path on hoover, that it will direct me to /services/consultant as expected, but then I got a 404 page instead. All other pages, no matter what I call them, takes me to this 404 page.

    I have restarted the apache server ob Debian but that didn’t fix it. I also tried accessing the web site from different types of clients with the same error.


    Done some testing on my wp 4.3.1

    Adding standard pages and posts are OK. But adding a new post from any of your widgets brings me a 404 even if the URL are correct when hoovering the link. I have removed the widgets from ET Dashboard and the Homepage/Fronpage Content Area and put them back again without any success.


    Hi Samuel,

    Try updating your permalink once from ‘Settings->Permalinks’ after creating your posts or pages. This should fix your ‘Page not found’ (404 error ) issue .

    Let us know if you still have this issue.



    Yes, that was the problem. Thank you! Nice to know why it happened though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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