TP Piebuilder Pro

By: Theme Palace
License: 1 Year Version: 1.0.0 updated: 12/13/2018 Instructions Support

TP PieBuilder Pro provides you an animated elegent Bar Graph and Pie Charts with multiple designs and colors. ie. Default Pie Chart, Doughnut Pie Chart, Polar Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Cylinder Bar Graph, Circle Graph, Counter Graph and Horizontal Bar Graph.


Ultimate Features

Eye Appealing Layout

Making the presentation of your data with the help of a bar graph or a pie chart is a simple way of trying to make the data you are presenting easy for your audience to understand or decipher. And if this can happen with a plus point of an eye appealing layout, I think we have made a pretty clear point here.


Visualization of data is one of the major reasons why we use such bar and pie illustrations to present our data. And the use of animation in such presentations can increase the efficiency of data visualization for your audience and therefore, Animation happens to be a huge plus point on why you should get this amazing plugin.

Easy to use

We have made this plugin taking in consideration our dynamic range of users such that, no matter how little of experience they have on WordPress, they will be able to use or apply this product on their websites with an ease. All the illustrations are pretty simple to construct with your given set of data and the help on this plugin.

8 Types of graph

Each type of data illustration has their own speciality in use and clarity. A Horizontal Bar Graph is not best fit for the data which when presented with the help of a Circle Graph would be easier to visualize for the audience. Addressing this problem, TP Pie Builder Pro has 8 types of graphs which you can chose from for presenting your data the best possible way.