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Legit News Pro – News Theme

Gone are the days when we consumed the news via TV or news. Today, everything is on the tip
of your finger, and you are just a click away from world news. So, it’s crucial now to have an
online presence if you are in the news industry. A news website with a professional design,
better readability, and easy navigation can change the game. Legit News Pro is here to do so.

Legit News Pro is based on the WordPress News theme, excellent for the news site. It is
uncluttered with a clean layout and easy-to-use interface. With multiple demos to choose from,
you can start with the one that suits your news niche. While the design part is absolutely
professional, it gives full attention to the content being displayed. It supports high-quality
images and videos to make your content more trustworthy and meaningful without
compromising performance speed. The top section of the homepage is dedicated to
advertising. Enjoy the extra income with marketing. You can also edit the site with the live
WordPress customizer. Not just design layouts and fonts and colors, you can also create
articles and author, category. Moreover, you have plenty of navigation options, as well as
header and footer customization. This way, you have the freedom to choose over how your
content is presented.

Legit News Pro is flexible to use. It is also fast and responsive. It works and looks well from the
reader’s perspective. Users can easily access the news from mobile devices, laptops, or any
device regardless of their sizes and browsers.

WordPress News Theme

WordPress themes are best to get started with as it offers multiple pre-made demos and
designs to get started with. Legit News pro is based on a WordPress news theme. So you can
easily create any news site within a few clicks.

Multiple Customization Options

Legit news pro has multiple customization options. If you want to make it more personalized and
match with your brand style, you can use your own creativity to edit the designs, layouts,
colors, fonts, and many more.

Compatibility with major browsers

This is a must feature for any news website. The cross-browser compatibility allows users to
easily access the content, no matter how or which browser they are using to view the site.

Multiple HomePage Design

Legit News Pro comes with multiple homepage designs, each with its own templates and design
layouts. They are suitable for different genres of news. You can pick one and begin to create the
next big news site.

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