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Pikture Pro – A Photography WordPress Theme

No matter how striking or captivating your work is, you need to have a website with a design that does it justice to achieve maximum impact online. Taking a mental note of that very fact, Pikture Pro is a beautiful WordPress theme designed for photography blogs that flatters rather than overpowers your images, with a myriad of customization options. A photography blog needs to balance in between offering an attractive design yet letting the work do the talking. Pikture Pro features a minimalist design with a focus on images and typography giving usability its main priority. Designed with mobile first approach, it looks stunningly beautiful across all devices and its multi-color options for accent color and scheme for dark, light and custom colors can amend its looks as per your requirements. Moreover, fonts option make it more customizable for you along with drag and drop options for home page sections which allows you to change the look within clicks.

Whether you’re running a personal photo blog or a large commercial site, Pikture Pro makes sure you fulfill your purpose. The abundance of choice enables you create a design that features your photography in a way that feels close to perfect for your particular creative needs and the demo importing feature lets you import the demo content and customize so that you can be showcasing your work in no time. Pikture Pro is built on solid foundations based on the popular Underscores starter theme. It is the perfect starting point for you to customize your store to match your brand, whether that’s using the WordPress customizer or a custom plugin / child theme integrated with the developer friendly codebase.  If you’re looking for a photography blog that’s simple to use yet still permits a broad scope for creative freedom, look no further than Pikture Pro.

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Major Features:

Best for Photo Blogging

Although focused on photography, the docile nature of Pikture Pro allows it to be used as a normal blog too. Pikture Pro has it all to take your work to the next level. Its beautiful, expressive, modern and highly responsive nature is ambitiously aimed towards flawlessly presenting visual content to a massive online audience. Furthermore, its mobile first approach makes it delivers all the websites content to all of its users, in layouts that are appropriate for whichever device they’re using at the time. Try resizing your browser window to see the adaptation.

Setup with Demo Importer

One of the most frustrating things for buyers of commercial themes is when they activate a theme on their site and it looks nothing like the theme demo. Therefore, Pikture Pro is integrated with One Click Demo Importer Plugin which is one of the most useful features a WordPress Plugin can have. So setting up your site to look and function just like the demo has never been easier. It lets you import WordPress demo content, widgets and theme settings with a single click. This is a time saver for creating client sites.

Deep integration with WooCommerce

If you’re also selling work through your site, Pikture Pro is deeply integrated with WooCommerce and allows you to sell anything beautifully. Pikture Pro makes it dead easy to add gorgeous product carousels, neat pricing tables and everything that’s necessary to create robust, clean and beautiful online store for all kinds of products. For anyone wanting a serious business, Pikture Pro is the one for you.

Multiple color scheme

You don’t have to be an expert in CSS to be able to change your color scheme around Pikture Pro as it comes with multiple color scheme: Dark, Light and Custom that can easily be changed from within the Theme Options panel. These predefined colors as well as custom colors can help you create your own visual identity. Moreover, accent color options also let you change the colors of the small details of your website. With Pikture Pro, there are no limits to what’s possible.

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