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RT MAGAZINE PRO – A WordPress Magazine Theme

RT Magazine Pro is a WordPress magazine theme with a sleek feel that’s perfect for news portals, editorial websites, creative websites and online magazines for topics like business, fashion, technology, politics, sports, health, travel and much more.

With so many magazine websites around, the competition is quite fierce. Consequently, it’s very crucial that you grab your reader’s attention on the dot. To do this, you will need a good magazine theme that is laid out logically, offers a functional design and above all, looks captivating. RT Magazine Pro could provide you with an excellent way to achieve this with its natural breakdown of content, carefully divided sections and lightning-quick loading times.

As promised, RT Magazine Pro is a clean, well structured, sparkling, user-friendly, flexible, dynamic and attention-grabbing WordPress Magazine Theme  It comes up with a colorful look, is built with the latest design trends and has a highly adjustable theme customizer that lets you customize the appearance of the theme such as the menu, logo, background and so on. Besides, the theme is packed with a myriad features and custom widgets that are really efficient and super user-friendly, allowing you to focus on your job albeit zero coding skills. Though a hackneyed phase, RT Magazine Pro indeed includes virtually everything you need to get your magazine website up and running.

RT Magazine Pro succeeds at what it sets out to do – drive traffic and keep visitors on your site for as long as possible. It’s a theme you should check out today!

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Major Features:

Fully Widget Based

Thanks to the fully widgetized feature of the theme, you can present lots of content to your readers in an organized and appealing manner. RT Magazine Pro is fully widget based so that you can easily edit and configure your website as per your requirement in a matter of minutes. As all the components are based on widgets, there’s no denying the theme’s charm as the theme allows you to drag and drop features to customize your website to suit your branding and style.

One Click Demo Import

We understand that the process of manually downloading, unpacking and importing the content is frankly annoying and tedious. Which is why, we allow you the privilege of quickly developing the website you want with steps as easy as clicking on the ‘Import Demo Data’ tool. This will import all the settings and content, including widgets, etc. from our demo site for you to look through and modify as you require whilst building your site. Once done, you can then erase all the demo content, whilst retaining any content which you have added yourself, or sample content which you have modified.

7 Primary Colors

RT Magazine Pro provides unlimited customization possibility and hence is a flexible theme allowing to play with various design possibility. As a good combination of color is what makes a website creative, RT Magazine Pro allows you the liberty to choose from available 7 primary color schemes to choose an appearance that matches your site logo and brand as well as give your website a better look and feel.

Multiple Slider Layout

The main attention grabber of RT Magazine Pro however, is the multiple slider layouts that it offers which are extensively functional as well as beautifully designed so you can easily customize your website according to your requirements. With RT Magazine Pro, you have everything you would want to embolden your brand. This theme will surely bring your website prosperity!

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