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WP TRAVEL TOUR EXTRAS – A premium addon for WP Travel

WP Travel Tour Extras, as the name suggests is a premium addon for WP Travel Plugin by WEN Solutions that allows you to add additional service for trips. With this addon, you can many services like flight, vehicle service, insurance or any other custom services that you might require. It also allows you to add paid or free service that users can select, according to their needs. Additionally, there is a gallery section for the service, description and sale price amongst other features. This addon extends WordPress with exclusive features to provide you with real-world solutions.

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Major Features:

Unlimited Trip Additionals

WP Travel Tour Extras bestows you with the flexibility to create additional services for trips. With this addon installed, you can easily add any services like flight, vehicle service, insurance or any other custom services that you want. You can also add paid or free service that user can select from mainstream to obscure.

Trip specific extras items listing

After analyzing the needs of some of the travel and tourism service providers, we have narrowed down a few, key elements that form the core features of any travel provider. One of them is the power to create trip specific extras item listing. WP Travel Tour Extras allows you to easily create specific extras items listing for the trip of your choice.

Easily add extra products/services to a trip

Certain products and services may appeal to one audience but not to the others. Keeping that in mind, WP Travel Tour Extras also allows you to add extra products and services to a trip so that the combined offerings will appeal more to the customers and you will be able to provide unlimited facilities as well as score more points than your competitors.

Sale prices for extra products/services

Along with the functionality of adding extra products/services, WP Travel Tour Extras also provides the feature of adding a sale price. We know that it is possible for businesses to differentiate themselves not only by providing a higher level of service but by adding different levels of service based upon various circumstances. Therefore, to make your business stand out, WP Travel Tour Extras also provides the feature to add sale prices for additional products or services.

Intuitive and easy front-end UI

WP Travel Tour Extras is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while keeping your WordPress site healthy. The interface is made appealing, easy and efficient so that it does not get in between you and your work. Moreover, it is user-friendly, fully responsive and extremely intuitive so that it can be easily used by all types and levels of users regardless of their programming skills.

Extras Gallery

In addition to the other helpful features, WP Travel Tour Extras also provide the feature of a Gallery section. Once the addon is active on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to use it to create your own custom galleries and organize the image content. As anything created with WP Travel Extras is fully mobile responsive, your displays will not only look great on smaller screens but they will also work with touchscreens devices.

Regular Price and Sale Price

This feature of the addon will let you show discount not only in the cart, but also before the purchase with the ability to add a regular and sale price, not only with trips, but also with Trip Additionals. For just a relatively small investment, WP Travel Tour Extras adds lots of premium features to your website.



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