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WP Travel Utilities – Premium Addon for WP Travel

We’re very pleased to announce the release of a new plugin- WP Travel Utilities; an enhanced travel plugin by Wen Solutions.

WP Travel Utilities is a package of elementary features that upgrade the WP Travel plugin, also released by Wen Solutions. While the WP travel plugin addresses minimum problems, WP Travel Utilities is an essential plugin with paramount features that are not available in the free version of the WP Travel Plugin.

WP Travel Utilities makes work flow seamlessly as it allows you to define your own custom trip code. Enable/disable WP Travel copyright text or even define your own text. Moreover, it also provides you with a masterly competence of options to send a myriad of emails related to Trip Booking, Trip Payments and Trip Enquiry to your multiple recipients. However, WP Travel plugin must be installed and activated to use this add-on. After you activate the plugin, a Utilities Option will be added in the settings section of WP Travel plugin.

WP Travel Utilities is not just Travel plugin; it contains a lot more features that will help you in the travel industry fighting ground.

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Custom Trip Codes

WP Travel Utilities is perfect for those who want a quick and easy solution with functionality and resourcefulness as the plugin is highly customizable on every level. Before you get stuck in, it’s worth mentioning that the plugin helps you custom-make and define your own custom trip code for your trips, all without touching any code.

Email Options

Another powerful hook of WP Travel Utilities is that it provides you with the options to add multiple email recipients to aid with Trip Booking, Trip Payment and Trip enquiry, saving you from the torture you have to go through while trying to do it manually. You can easily send emails to multiple recipients using email options and escape the grueling task.

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