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WS Theme Addon Pro is a premium addon that expands the features and capabilities of Travel Log theme by offering exactly what you want— a remove “powered by” text, demo importer, social feed widgets, CTA and weather widgets, etc. Moreover, this addon also provides you with the ability to have more control over the social widgets and build a ‘call to action’ with more flexibility. All the widgets provided to you with this addon come with numerous customization options and are extremely easy to use. WS Theme Addon Pro could be a perfect addition to extend the functionality of your website.

Major Features:

1. Travel Log demo importer:

With the one-click import functionality in the WS Theme addon, you can quickly and easily import all the sample content onto your theme with a single click. This will import all the settings and content, including widgets and options as a dummy data for you to look through and modify as you require whilst building your site. Once done, you can then erase all the demo content, whilst retaining any content which you have added yourself, or sample content which you have modified.

2. Footer copyright text edit or remove:

Another incredible functionality of this addon is that it will allow you to edit, customize or remove entirely the footer copyright and credits without having to edit your theme files. This is a super helpful feature as it allows you to build a professional looking website without having to write a single line of code.

3. Social Feed Widgets

The social feeds widgets included in the addon allows you to show your social feed from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These widgets help you to display Facebook feed from any Facebook page, show your twitter feed from your username or any hashtag and show your Instagram feed from your account or any Instagram hashtag. It is an easy yet beautiful way to add a beautiful social feed with posts from all your social media accounts for your readers, customers & lovers.

4. Additional Widgets

The other additional widgets included with the addon are Weather widget and CTA widget. WS Theme Addon Pro also provides a weather widget which can be used to display weather forecasts on your website as well as a call to action which gives site owners the ability to monitor and track conversion rates, run a/b or multivariate split tests on calls to action, and most importantly, drive and increase lead flow! Calls to action are an ideal way to convert more of your passive website visitors into active leads or email list subscribers.

5. Homepage Section Ordering

Additionally, WS Theme Addon Pro also allows drag and drop method to sort the order of homepage section. This is the easiest way to build and customize your WordPress website. Whether you are new to WordPress or consider yourself a pro, this feature provided by the addon will definitely make your life better.

If you haven’t already done, head on over and download WS Theme Addon Pro and take a look. With the multitude of features provided, you’ll be glad you did.

Build a professional website without having to switch themes, try WS Theme Addon Pro today!


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