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How do I install a new theme

To install your new theme, first, you must have a working WordPress installation. For information on installing WordPress, please see Installing WordPress, from the WordPress Codex.

Once WordPress has been properly setup, you can install your new theme from your WordPress Administration Panel on the WordPress dashboard.

Installation using the WordPress Administration Panel:

  • Download the theme of your choice from your Theme Palace member My-Account to your computer.
  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel.
  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New.
  • Click on Uploads and browse to find the downloaded file on the desktop where you have it saved.
  • Click on Install Now to install the new theme.
  • Click on Activate.


  1. I did that, but it won’t upload, instead i get this message: 413 Request Entity Too Large

  2. All hosting has a maximum limit on the size of files uploaded to sites. It sounds like the theme zip that you are uploading exceeds the maximum limit for your hosting. Your options are to manually upgrade the theme using FTP or similar file management tool or to see if your hosting can increase the maximum file size limit.

  3. help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did everything till step ‘brose file’ but I do not have a zip file but I have got a simple folder of theme. How can I brose a folder? what I did wrong?
    anybody!!!!!!!!!!! please, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Upload takes the .zip (extension) file instead of folder. So make sure you have file exists in your local and after you ‘Browse’ to upload, you select this file.

    This file (theme) would then upload to server and activate it.

    1. I have same issues as jolitis. When I download the theme from Theme Palace, it only downloads as an expanded set of files. It does not download as a zip file. So i need your help in getting me a zip file format of the theme.

  5. Hello
    I need help as I can’t fully customize some sections from my WordPress Dashboard.
    1/On Personnalisation-Sections-Service, I can choose Number of Services and Post ID, but I can’t customize Icon or Icon Background Color as no menu appears.
    2/On Personnalisation-Sections-Team, Post ID and Social network boxes-to-tick appear, but I can’t add any photo.
    3/On Personnalisation-Sections-Blog, I can’t add any photo.
    4/On Personnalisation-Sections-Features, I do not mange to fill the ‘Icon # fa-archive’ box to personnalise the icon.
    Thank you very much for your help!

  6. I bought a template Graduate Pro. After installing and running my site stopped working!!!!

    I have wordpress 4.7.2

    1. @pfk-sieradz,

      Sorry for the trouble. As far as we remember, we have already listened to your query and also been resolved on your part after you found it was due to PHP version on your server.
      If you still have anything else to get support on Graduate Pro kindly post it in our support forum


  7. I paid the money for Wen Corporate Pro but, when I log into my account, it says I don’t have any purchase history. What happened?

  8. @NDAVIS43521,

    It could have cause when you make a purchase before you register / login Theme Palace account which we called it a “Guest Checkout” . Please confirm this case.

    Normally, if you have followed the correct procedure as defined in this tutorial you would have seen the product in your dashboard.

    For further sales or purchase inquiry you can mail to .


  9. I just updated to Them: Photo Magic Pro

    Payed via PayPal.

    Going to my Theme Palace account.

    And get this massage.

    My Account

    From your account dashboard you can view your Purchase History, Download History and edit your billing address, password and account details
    You have not made any purchases

    You have not purchased any downloads


    I got a mail with the license number. But find no plays to download from?

  10. @Johnny Lindahl

    There are two ways you can download the theme

    1. You can download the theme from the ‘Thank You’ screen or the link provided in your purchase receipt email sent to you.

    2. You can also log into your Theme Palace My Account simply ( to view your purchase details, and download your theme or its updates.

    But for both of these conditions, make sure you have had purchased the theme after signing up and ‘loggin in’ to your a/c in Theme Palace.

    For further sales or purchase related inquiries you can mail to .

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