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Reblog Pro – A WordPress Blogging Theme

Reblog Pro , a blog WordPress theme that has just been released is a beautifully designed, modern, clean, minimalistic and responsive masonry blog WordPress theme. This theme is super easy to setup as it gives you a grid boxed layout and is suitable for various types of blogging purposes covering personal blog, fashion blog, simple magazine, travel blog, portfolio and many more. To all of us, our own unique and specific preferences are the first things to come to mind and Reblog Pro is very considerable in the fact that it allows you to make your own preferences by letting you customize your WordPress site you want it and tailor it to your needs so that no website will ever look alike to yours. It can well be regarded as an adaptable platform that can readily service all manners of websites across an endless range of niches and markets with effortless ease, quickly shifting its shape and look to match your most extreme specifications.

Reblog Pro is ready to blog. Try it today!

Major Features:

Masonry Blog Theme

A clean and well-structured layout allows you to show off your work in an elegant way and gives website visitors a pleasing experience and one of the many perks of using the masonry grid style layout is that it makes your site look clean and organized. As Reblog Pro uses a masonry format, your website visitors will be able to take a closer look at your work. That being the case, if you are planning to build a new blog or portfolio site or wish to give your existing website a revamp, Reblog Pro would undoubtedly be the best choice for you.

Interactive user experience and easy customization

Reblog Pro stands to reason that the process of designing should actually be easy and fun. For this reason, Reblog pro provides a very interactive user experience and webmasters with or without previous experience can make the most of Reblog Pro. Intuitive and free from coding, Reblog Pro’s design process empowers effortless customization, offers plenty of customization options and comes with a quick and straightforward setup.

Multiple Archive Layout (Classic, Modern, Sleek)

One of the key features of the theme includes the multiple archive layout option, allowing you to choose the best blogging layout to suit your style. The theme comes with three different blog layouts to choose for your site.­
Modern – A modern design with masonry design. This layout gives your website an extra oomph that sets your website apart from those typical portfolio sites on the web.
Classic – A classic look with masonry implemented in it too to achieve a classic and elegant design.
Sleek – A simple design with posts maintaining equal height.

Tags Filter

With Reblog Pro, you can finally provide convenience to your website visitors. For a better user experience, the likes of blog/magazine/portfolio themes have their tags outputted. To make the filtering easy for the users, Reblog Pro allows you to use the ‘Tags Filter’ to organize your content and help visitors find similar posts easily. Reblog Pro is more than capable of presenting all kinds of content in an attractive, original, customizable arrangement.


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