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WP Travel Advanced Gallery

WP Travel Advanced Gallery is an exciting addon to WP Travel plugin which gives the functionality to add more informative gallery items including the audio, video ( from the URL as well ) and images. This addon can take the transparency and clarity of a particular trip to the users in whole different level. Admin can promote their trips with maximum amount of information with no limit of the number of audio, video and gallery items that they wish to include.

Features :

  1. Allows to add audio, video and images resulting in the description of the trips to be super informative.
  2. Allows to add the Youtube videos via the URL
  3. Multiple display options including grid, slide and masonry.
  4. Integrates the existing gallery images with the gallery items added with this plugin.
  5. Slider feature in the gallery items

For installation and usage, please refer to the documentation. If you’ve any problem or questions reach out to our support channel:

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