WP Travel Stripe iDEAL Checkout

WP Travel Stripe iDEAL Checkout, powered by Stripe and integrated with WP Travel is a payment gateway for the merchants residing in Europe and the United States who can accept the iDeal payment from customers in the Netherlands. Before you can use iDEAL, you must activate it in the Dashboard. Your use of iDEAL must be... (Read More)

WP Travel Zapier

WP Travel Zapier is WP Travel plugin addon which enables users to create Zapier automation for WP Travel bookings and inquiries. You can easily create the zaps and integrate it with the WP Travel with the help of WP Travel Zapier helping you to get a notification or keep the record in any of your... (Read More)

WP Travel PayU Latam Checkout

WP Travel PayU Latam is a safest and modern payment gateway now available as the payment gateway for WP Travel plugin. WP Travel PayU Latam payment gateway process payments in Brazil, México, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Peru (Latin American Countries). Features : Payment Gateway powering the customers of various countries resulting high flexibility and efficiency... (Read More)

WP Travel Advanced Gallery

WP Travel Advanced Gallery is an exciting addon to WP Travel plugin which gives the functionality to add more informative gallery items including the audio, video ( from the URL as well ) and images. This addon can take the transparency and clarity of a particular trip to the users in whole different level. Admin... (Read More)

Travel PayHere Checkout

WP Travel PayHere Payment plugin is a powerful and convenient payment gateway now available as a payment gateway for WP travel plugin which provides an super seamless and convenient option for travel business based on Sri Lanka. This payment gateway works with the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) and US Dollar (USD) Features : Payment Gateway... (Read More)

WP Travel PayU Checkout

PayU is a leading financial services provider in global growth markets which is now integrated as payment gateway with the WP Travel plugin called WP Travel PayU Checkout. The checkout gateway provides multiple options during checkout making the plugin flexible and easy to use. Note : This payment gateway works only with poland currency (Polish... (Read More)

WP Travel PayFast Checkout

WP Travel PayFast Checkout plugin is an on-demand payment option now available as a payment gateway for WP travel plugin which provides an easy payment options for travel business based on South Africa. This payment gateway only works with the South African currency Rand (zar). *This payment gateway add-on is exclusively designed to work only... (Read More)

WP Travel Pro

With every new release of plugin, WP Travel team seek to deliver some dope features which can  enhance the functionality of the Travel and Tour website. Integrating the offered features through the addons in a single bundle, so that the users can get to know and use the functionality of maximum addons with a single... (Read More)

WP Travel Group Discount

Yes it is fun travelling in a group of friends, but also receiving an additional discount on it? Simply amazing. WP Travel Group Discount, addressing this amazing feeling for your audience, is an add-on to WP Travel plugin which adds a feature allowing the travel and tour operator site admins to add an option for... (Read More)

WP Travel Import Export

WP Travel Import Export is a new add-on for WP Travel which provides travel site owners with the function to import, export or update hundreds or thousands of trips in their WP Travel system with a single CSV. This add-on aims to make it easier for travel site owners to manage their site or update... (Read More)

WP Travel Downloads

Visual content has always proved itself far more effective in attracting customers compared to text content. Our new add-on, WP Travel Downloads provides travel site owners a special function to upload digital media files associated with particular trips and destinations as content in their site. This feature provides the users at the other end the... (Read More)

WP Travel Custom Filters

As an online travel agency website contains a ton of trips so it’s kinda hard for anyone to find anything instantly. A better option would be to add a filtering functionality using WP Travel Custom Filters. A filtering functionality would allow a user to search for trips based on trip attributes. For example, for trips... (Read More)