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WP Travel Authorize.Net Checkout

WP Travel Authorize.Net Checkout can simply be described as a payment gateway that enables you to process payments in a secure and smooth way for your business products through your website. It can be an excellent alternative for all the existing payment gateways. To all WP Travel users, this plugin aces with the approach that it offers multiple payment options including credit card payment and direct bank transaction which can be one of the strong reasons for users to opt for this plugin.

Note: *Direct Banking transaction is applicable for the bank accounts based on the United States of America.*

Major Features:

Secure Payment Gateway

WP Travel Auhorize.Net Checkout provides a highly secure link with customizable security settings that prevent fraud resulting in one of the most robust security you would get with a plugin for your website.

Credit Card / direct bank transaction

The plugin provides enhanced payment flexibility supporting multiple payment options. This way, you can choose a payment method according to your convenience, right at your fingertips.

On-site Checkout

With the plugin, you can experience a seamless payment transaction without having to leave the site once you enter the payment process. This will also help your customers feel secure about the transaction which eventually is a positive point for your company’s goodwill.

Highly Customizable Settings

All the settings can be customized according to your corporate needs making this plugin one of the most adaptable plugins you can find on the market, diverse customization for a business with diverse needs.

Get 24/7 Support

Our wonderful and knowledgeable support team loves to personally help you with every question about the plugin you ask through support forum.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge base is always a good place to start if you have a problem or a question about one of our plugins. You can check the documentation and other lists of articles, or easily search the Knowledge base to find the answers you’re looking for.

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