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WP Travel Custom Filters

As an online travel agency website contains a ton of trips so it’s kinda hard for anyone to find anything instantly. A better option would be to add a filtering functionality using WP Travel Custom Filters. A filtering functionality would allow a user to search for trips based on trip attributes. For example, for trips it can be ‘Hiking’, ‘Rafting’, ‘Trekking’, etc you must have come across such a functionality (usually present in a sidebar) on an trip page.

Visitors can effectively use these filters to search for a trip.

To filter trips based on custom attributes, you need to begin by adding attributes to your trips.

A WP Travel Custom Filters solution would provide you an option to define such custom attributes for the trips and destinations in your site, and then add filters to refine trip search.

You can then display these filters on your trip listing page (or in a sidebar widget), to allow visitors to easily shortlist trips.

It definitely provides a faster, user-friendly option for visitors to search for a trip they are interested in, thus increasing conversions. If you have numerous trips and destinations in your travel website, and are looking to improve the trip search functionality, the advanced product filter is just what you need.

This addon essentially is a WP Travel extensions that make use of trip attributes to filter trips.



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