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WP Travel Group Discount

Yes it is fun travelling in a group of friends, but also receiving an additional discount on it? Simply amazing. WP Travel Group Discount, addressing this amazing feeling for your audience, is an add-on to WP Travel plugin which adds a feature allowing the travel and tour operator site admins to add an option for claiming monetary discount which can be offered to the user based on the size their group.

Key Features:

Discounts offered to the users on flat discount basis

Basically, the site will not be making any extra hidden money with the use of heavy discount numbers and hidden terms but flat discount can be given with respect to the user’s final payment, with absolutely no fake promises and hidden costs.

Allows the admin to add the discount amount from the backend

The discount percentage does not have to be computer set limits for certain number of people, the site admin can manually chose how much discount can be offered to a particular user taking into consideration a lot of factors of their relevance and convenience.

Discount offered based on user group

Since the discount will be based for each different user based on user group, this feature can prove to be a little push which will eventually help the business owner get a lot of group reservations, great for a travel business isn’t it?

Seamless integration with WP Travel plugin

This add-on has a seamless integration with WP Travel plugin which simply means that for this feature to run smoothly in your website, all you need to have is WP Travel plugin installed, we have taken care of the rest for you.

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