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WP Travel Import Export

WP Travel Import Export is a new add-on for WP Travel which provides travel site owners with the function to import, export or update hundreds or thousands of trips in their WP Travel system with a single CSV. This add-on aims to make it easier for travel site owners to manage their site or update its content in a time managed way.

Please note this addon does not provide you dummy content to import in your Travel site.

Key Features:

Content update in a short time frame

This add-on allows you to populate your travel site with pre-existing content you possess which may include trips, itinerary, bookings and so on. The major plus point is that all this can be done in a short period of time.

Easy import and export

WP Travel Import Export provides you with one click export and easy import process, it will save your time and energy in importing and exporting content in your travel site which will make your site more relevant to users.

Easy export in CSV format

You can export the Trips, Bookings and Inquiries, all the business that happen in your website in CSV format with a single click, how easier can it get? This will save up all the time required to manually export files and reduces errors in the process too.

Easy import and replication

Import of exported files and replicating existing trips, booking, inquiries and all other information can be done by using this add-on, it is a major plus point on why you should choose to add this product to your site.

Backup and restoration becomes more convenient

You can easily backup important data existing in your site along with the details of the information in the CSV format with the use of this tool. Use the generated CSV for creating reports and other useful purpose.

Hassle free and easy generation of the major features of WP Travel plugin

This add-on has a major feature of easy generation of major features of the WP Travel plugin such as Trips, Booking and Inquiries such that the users don’t have to invest their time in dummy contents.

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