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WP Travel MailChimp

The features in your travel related website such as enquiry, booking and subscription features of WP Travel plugin have now be easily integrated in your site with much more ease and comfort with a brand new add-on for WP Travel plugin – WP Travel MailChimp. This new add-on will help you maintain a smooth relationship with your audiences as it will become a lot less hectic than usual, you have a little plugin friend who will do it for you, kudos!

Key Features:

List enquiry email to mailchimp

This plugin helps you get the listing of enquiry emails your company has received in the mailchimp. These emails can later be used for sending bulk information to different users who are interested in your trip or service, making it a good way to keep up with your customers and their needs.

List booking email to mailchimp

This plugin serves a special purpose, it helps you keep your booking emails in a listed manner. This is a very useful tool as it will save all the energy needed to sort your enquiry and booking emails manually and also acts as a good communication gadget around your employees.

Allows user to subscribe to the mailchimp list

It provides an option for your users or customers to subscribe to the mailchimp list. This feature specially helps the site or business owner to later send campaign emails. This way, you send your campaign emails to a targeted group of people who show enthusiasm with your service. Which, in simple words can be said as it helps to keep in touch with the targeted audience.

Here are some features for better overview on the addon:

  • This plugin lists the enquiry and booking emails separately to mailchimp so that the site or business owner can identify and reach their previous clients.
  • Has a built-in “Opt-in on/off” feature which allows you to include an extra confirmation step that verifies each email address, basically a better interface for your customers too.
  • Provides you an easy option to subscribe to the mailchimp list, so you can keep up with your interests.
  • Easy way to help the site owner to later send the campaign emails, helps maintain smooth business owner-customer relationship.
  • Provides the effective way to send bulk information to multiple users, tell interested people about your new trip offers and services in one quick step.
  • Addition of mailchimp list names which can be selected through the dropdown, isn’t it a great deal?

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