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WP Travel Partial Payment

Customers might prefer to make a partial payment for the travel services you provide initially because of the uncertainty, their insecurities or simply because they just don’t have enough to pay in full at once. For such customers, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could add an installment feature to your site? Yes, addressing this issue, we are very excited to announce the release of our much awaited add on “WP Travel Partial Payment” which will let go off all our worries of finding the easy way to make payments in fragments.
WP Travel Partial payment provides better control over how you collect payments by allowing your customers to make payments in little installments of their convenience with the help of this payment add on.

Major Features:

Partial Payment

WP Travel Partial Payment allows tour operators to accept trip payments in an installment payment basis, which would definitely help in increasing their sales because most of the time, people don’t step out of their houses and travel the world mainly because of monetary issues like up-front payments.

Highly Customizable settings

All the settings on this add-on can be customized according to the needs and necessities of your business website, making it one of the most adaptable plugins. This feature can be used as a huge plus point when you know what kind of services your target customers want.

Deposit Email

After completing the payment in installments for their travel or trip, the users will receive an email which includes the details of payment transactions and if everything is completed, about the completion of payment.

Built for WP Travel

WP Travel Partial Payment is an extension for WP Travel, it is fully compatible with the WP Travel Plugin and aims to make your experience with WP Travel Plugin smoother and better with time.

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