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Happy New Year 2075!!!

Happy Nepali New Year 2075 from Theme Palace team!

As 2074 B.S ends and 2075 B.S begins, we at ThemePalace would like to put on our party hats and raise a toast to the good times.

Theme Palace which started on the 15th of Mangsir 2072 B.S. ( 1st of December 2015 A.D. ) has grown more than two years and we can’t help but be a little nostalgic. Reflecting back, we’ve grown quite a lot in just two years, and on this occasion, we are delighted to share our fuzzy glow by awarding WEN Themes, our top vendor.

WEN Themes is a WordPress theme and plugin development company who offers elegant and clean themes and have been actively involved with Theme Palace since the very beginning. Although a small team, WEN themes have impressibly achieved a lot through WordPress Theme Development and are the first vendors to start selling themes at Theme Palace. The well-rounded team of successful co-founders include Nilamber Sharma and Anil Basnet and to honor their efforts and triumphs as well as to praise resilience, we want to
express our gratitude.

Suitably, we have a cake to cut and achievements to celebrate along with a Token of Love. For this event, media partner DevotePress has been invited to record a video interview in Nepali followed by a transcript in English, also to be provided by DevotePress. The English transcript however, will have to be delayed for translation time as the video was recorded recently.

The interview will include highlights about how they started, the pros and cons on working as a small team, their secret to being updated with the recent theme market and how they are getting prepared for the Gutenberg editor. Interestingly, they will also be sharing about their key to success whilst working in a small team and the essentials for an effective coordination between the frontend and backend developers. Covered in the interview will be an account of their journey on Theme Palace inclusive of the pros and cons of Theme Palace Marketplace. Watch out to listen what message they have to share to the youngsters and new comers as well as more information.

On an even happier note, our Theme Palace team is going to recharge our brain cells with a blend of wildness and adventure to give the new year a feisty and hearty welcome by going to Langtang and we’re pretty much excited.

You can find the full interview session with them here.

Here are some snaps from the event:

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