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We Have Some Exciting News to Share!

We want to begin by announcing the launch of our refreshed website. For our returning visitors, welcome back. To those of you who’ve never been here before, it’s great to meet you.

Theme Palace is a modern and dynamic WordPress themes and plugins marketplace and we wanted our website to reflect our company’s identity.

The new and improved design offers clear navigation to our visitors, making our homepage, company information, products and services, our blog and contact information easily available. Also, there is added convenience for vendors when it comes to managing their products.

There might be a few gremlins. Please let us know if you see something we should address in the website. We will continue to work on the kinks.

In addition to that, we are happy to share some more great news with our customers. Theme Palace is now a Limited Liability Company.

From now onwards, our Head Office is in USA while our office in Lalitpur, Nepal—Theme Palace Pvt. Ltd.—will act as a liaison office for the head office.

We’re not done, yet. There’s more to share. We’ve incorporated two new payment gateways— FirstData and Stripe – to Theme Palace in order to make it easier for our customers globally.

FirstData provides innovative gateway solution for reliable, fast and secure online payments. Similarly, Stripe is secure, popular and is up to the industry standards. In addition to the credit and debit processing being much smoother, Stripe is available globally.

Moreover, we understand the importance of security and therefore our website is now SSL Encrypted. Our customers will no longer have to worry an inch about security when transmitting their confidential information while performing transactions with us.

Theme Palace is constantly evolving with the changing times for our customers to keep up. Your support enables us to continue bringing amazing WordPress themes from us as well as other independent creators.

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