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    I would like to insert a table in some of my pages or in some of my posts?
    I don’t find any editor command to do so. Could you gicve me a solution? (please note that I am not a very good CSS writer)


    Hello @fernando.mancini,

    The Mediclean Pro theme does provide the styling for table layout within the theme files. However, creating tables directly is not a theme feature.

    To insert table in your post / pages, you can either choose to use the WordPress default editor that can be switched to the “text” editor mode that takes HTML for table generation and can be used within post and pages. However, this requires some knowledge on HTML table structure.

    Alternatively, you can choose to use plugins like : https://wordpress.org/plugins/tablepress/



    that can help you with the task.

    Also, please note that as the plugins are not tested with the theme, we cannot be assured on the third party plugins to be completely compatible with the theme.

    Hope this Helps,

    Best regards !!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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