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WP Travel Here Map – A map display plugin

WP Travel Here Map  is a map display plugin which is a fantastic way of showing your business location. If you are looking for any alternatives to use Google map in your site then, WP Travel Here Map is a solid alternative to Google Maps. WP Travel Here Map offers a nice blend of mapping and exploration which can ease your traveling experience.

This plugin can replace the use of Google map with its excellent mapping and exploration features. This plugin can help you search the places along with suggestions that can help you track the places accurately. Besides, what makes this plugin special is its user friendly functionalities such as setting the zooming level and much more.

Major Features:

Zoom Level setting:

WP Travel Here Map allows setting your preferred default zoom level. You can either enlarge or reduces the image of the map on the screen. You can manage the zoom level setting by going to Setting section of the plugin.

Draggable Marker:

WP Travel Here Map has provided awesome functionality for users of draggable marker. With this feature user will be able to drag the marker and located in their preferred location. This feature reduces the hectic process of searching the location thorugh typing the address.

Search Suggestions :

WP Travel Here Map plugin also provide you with feature of search suggestion. You can search any location in the search map and the there you will find the suggestion on the basis your search.

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