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    Without any prompt I was supposed to discover this http://themepalace.com/instructions/themes/easy-commerce/.

    Show homepage options is selected.

    Apparently you have to create a page called shop page. The name seems to matter bc I’ve assigned previous pages and the slider only shows up on the page named Shop, even though I might not want that to be the name of the pg. This was assigned in the static page options. You have to assign the NEW shop page to your Woo shop page again as your old one will not display in the theme.

    Then, outside of preview mode, you have to put theme widgets ( no where indicates which “required” widget for step 5) in the Featured Section Right. These still didn’t show on the shop page.

    The figures in instructions have no annotations so I assumed Featured Section Right meant the two pics on the side of the slider. I have no idea what is the Content section.

    Only the slider is showing right now.

    I suggest having an option for turning off static homepage to just show the home as it should out the box, like ColorMag theme does for example.


    The numbers over the sections correspond to steps.


    Hello @functionmunchkin,

    If you could not figured out to set as in the demo from the instructions provided then please follow below steps .

    Steps :

    – At first create a page with what ever name you like for the front page .
    – Go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page and assign the page that you have created in Front page option .
    Screen shot :


    – Then go to Admin panel > WooCommerce > Setting > Product > Display and assign the same page in shop page option.


    Now you will be able to see the product listed at the front page in the content area and content section we mean the area where the product is displayed because the product are displayed in the content area section .

    To make the widget appear at right hand side place the required widgets in Primary Sidebar Widgets area by going to Admin Panel > Appearance > Widgets . In the demo the widgets placed are Product Search , Filter Product By price , Products By rating and EC: Recent post .

    Yes the Featured section right is the area where the image are displayed . To make the image display as in the slider section go to Widget > Featured Section Right Widget and place the widget Image .

    Screens shot:

    Hope this helps .

    If you have any confusion further then please let us know .

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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