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    Hi Gerald,

    Hoping you are doing good.

    While we wait for the admin to respond to the query.
    Hoping this link helps you for importing the theme demo data for University Hub Pro Theme:

    Yet another Pro user of Theme Palace Themes.


    Thank you!


    Thank you! But please do consider the above as the #feedback and add more controls into the Travel Master Pro Theme…

    Will be waiting for the next big theme update….Please do sent a notification once a major update for Travel Master Pro Theme is out for testing/preview….

    Great day Ahead.


    Please find the “comments” inline for the responses.

    Query1: Limited Font Type Support and no individual options for H1 to H6 and P tag
    Response: Regarding Font Type, we will note the feature you have requested as feature request and will work on it.
    Comments: Thank you. Is there any ETA on this?

    Also, regarding individual options for H1 to H6 and p tag, normally theme doesn’t provide such type of feature. However,
    we will inform to theme author regarding this feature.
    Comments: okay.

    Query2: No Font size support for H1 to H6 and P tag
    Response: Actually, the font sizes are already defined for H1 to H6 and p tag. So, no option will be provided by any theme regarding font size option for H1 to H6 and p tag.
    Comments: In general, Pro themes are providing such options, while some pro theme limits this for H1, H2 and P tag (towards the worst case scenario).

    Query3: Button Color, Button Hover Color – Change option- Only predefined options(Color Scheme) -and no options for setting it without writing additional css.
    Response: We will note the feature regarding providing option for setting color for button and button hover and will
    work on it.
    Comments: Thank you. Is there any ETA on this?

    Query4: Subscription Section Limited to Jetpack only.
    Response: As for now, subscription section can be activated with installation of Jetpack plugin.
    Comments: I dont see any mention in Theme listing page (in themepalace) that the subscription is limited to Jetpack only. Why not having intergation for top email subscription management providers? Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Mailerlite, Aweber….! Meanwhile I am able to see that WP Travel Pro do supports Mailchimp Integration, if so then why are we supposed to have two independent system for collecting user subscriptions? when there is no reason to consider JetPack as a User subscription management system.

    Query5: No testimonial standalone Page/Page Template, so that it can display all the testimonials for the site.
    Response: Actually ,there is no standalone page to display all the testimonials for the site. However, you can display
    testimonials in front page as per your requirement.
    For detail assistance, please refer below given link:
    Comments: okay. Kind of Limitation as there is no testimonial page template and no option to add/show a link to the testimonial page from the testimonial section in the homepage(without codechange).

    Query6: No Option to display – who we are and what we offer. The existing “services”, “About Us” section doesn’t offer what it is meant to be.
    Response:You can create pages and assigned to ‘About Us’ and ‘Services’ section to display the content you are willing
    to display in ‘who we are’ and ‘what we offer’ sections.If you are willing to add ‘who we are’ and ‘what we offer’ section then higher code customization is required.
    Comments: Displaying the first few words of a page for About Us/Services -section doesn’t suffice the need.

    Query7: Also it doesn’t even list the destinations/trip types/Activity types (the categories and not the trip items).
    Response: Actually, we are not quite clear with query. However if you referring that the terms you have mentioned are
    not being listed in customize section then you can view the list of terms you have mentioned and can select one by going
    to Admin Panel > Customize > Front Page > Popular Destination. Also, please make sure that destinations/trip types/activity type has been added for the trip.
    Comments: Let me provide the details in sometime. Please hold on for the new comment.

    Query8: Header image size issue, font size issue in Mobile display.
    Response: Please explain the issue you are facing with specific screenshot so that we can see if we can provide you
    custom CSS.
    Comments: Let me provide the details in sometime. Please hold on for the new comment.

    Query9: I am not sure if themepalace is maintained fully by WEN Solutions as I see the developer of the Travel Master Pro theme as themepalace, while few other themes have developers named as “Wen Solutions. quite confusing.
    Response: Actually, we provide support for our product as well as for product(themes) of themepalace. So, if you face
    any issue related to theme you can post to us via email or themepalace forum.
    Comments: Okay.Thx

    Query10: Unable to see the changelog for the theme.
    Response: You can view change log of the theme through readme file which is located inside theme(name) folder.
    Comments: My question was that the changelog is not present in the theme listing page(in themepalace) nor the version details…please see..

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