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    I’m working on the site https://waggawagga.u3anet.org.au/

    I have three issues I cannot solve.
    1. After the 9 images in the Services section and before the Featured Blocks section, I would like to add a line of text (with a link) that says something like ‘A full list of all our courses can be found here.’ Might be a widget with a block of text.

    2. In the Upcoming Events. These are events in the future. I would like them listed from first to arrive to last – Jan first and April last. They are now listed in reverse order – April is first and Jan last.

    3. In the Call to Action section, I would like to add two linefeeds, so that I will have a new line before ‘Office opens…’ and one before ‘Contact email: …”.

    Theme Palace

    Hello Curriouscat,

    All the issues will be solved in version 3.4. So, so, please update the theme.
    * Add: Event Order in News and Events section. So, this gives you the option to order by new date or old date.
    * Add: Footer text and button option in Services section: With this, you can add text and button as per your need just under the services
    * Update: Call to action Subtitle to Textarea: With this, you can now add links and break like <a> code and <br /> code for new line.



    Thank you. Very impressive response.


    Thank you for your help. The U3A Wagga Committee have come back with comments. I have three more issues on https://waggawagga.u3anet.org.au/ Sorry if this looks like a shopping list.

    1. Can we have more blocks in the Services Section? Can we have 18 blocks? We have probably 18 new courses this coming term and the presenters who did not appear in the selected 10 are disappointed. Or, if displaying only 10, could that be a revolving 10?

    2. Also to do with Services. The space for text at the end of the services is excellent. Can we also have a similar place for text and button at the top of the service blocks.

    3. In the CTA section, I appreciate the subtitle space you have given us. Could that text be editable? I would like to add a link, but cannot – despite what you said in the reply above. Nor can I have the lines better spaced.


    I have something else that looks to have just arisen. I think this fix appeared to use a plugin ‘No Future Posts’. Wordfence is warning me this plugin has critical security issues and should be removed. When I remove it, I no longer see my future events. I cannot remember why I installed that plugin. Was it necessary as part of the theme changes? If not, could I have another suggestion for displaying future events. Help, please.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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