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    This widget available to use for the front page from within the customizer does not work properly. It provides the option to show how much of an excerpt of the content in the widget, but no matter what setting I use (10-100+) there is No excerpt shown.

    All else with the plugin works.

    Another bug?

    Is there is fix?


    We have logged into your site and tested the excerpt option, it seems like it is working just fine.

    If you would want to see the change on the customizer, we would like to inform you that, you will have to click out side the excerpt option box after you have changed its value to see it work on the customizer.

    Hope you understand.
    Best regards.


    Thanks, I see that now.

    For those reading this, so its better understood, there is an option in the Widget customizer for that particular widget that displays posts. The widget name is “Trade Line: Recent Posts Advanced” and the option is named “Disable Post Excerpt” which by default is checked. To uncheck it reveals the excerpt.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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