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    The alignment of the search capsule type search field is not proper, you can see it on my website http://www.effortsias.com on top right-hand corner you will see search field there the search written in blue colour is little bit place downwards than the rest of the search field, how to correct it


    Hello @blackgelgmail-com,

    While we have inspected your website the search submit button you are referring to is actually displaying properly as per the theme layout.

    Please explain your issue / request further with a screenshot of your desired requirement so that we could get clear insight of the issue and provide you with a precise fix.

    Best Regards !!


    i have created a screenshot please hit the links http://effortsias.com/th/

    there are three screen shots , please try to answer all of them i dont want to open a new issue for them



    Please find below the breakdown of the issues that you have shared through the screenshot and our respective responses listed down :

    • Search Button :
    • The pushing of the search button is due to the CSS conflict in your website that is created by the “Custom Registration Form Builder” plugin currently activated with the theme. To resolve the issue you can try forced CSS override of the CSS by the plugin as follows :

      input.search-submit {
          width: auto!important;

      However, please note that the plugin might be having conflict with other sections too, as the third-party plugin has not been tested for compatibility with the theme.

    • Content Start from vertical line
    • Try adding the following custom CSS to pust the content up to your indicated vertical line position :

      .site-content {
          padding: 0px;
      .entry-content, .entry-summary {
          margin: 0px;

    • Search results Page
    • The option to increase / decrease the font size of the title is not available from the theme customizer. However, you can also use some custom CSS to control the font size as :

      .search h2.entry-title {
          font-size: 25px;
      .search .entry-summary {
          display: none;

      This will also remove the excerpt from the page.

    • Older Posts taking to undesired page
    • We are actually having trouble understanding this issue correctly. While we tested the button it was taking and loading the older posts in the site. Could you please elaborate the issue so that we could suggest you some precise fix ??

    Hope this Helps,

    Best Regards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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