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    I use a google translator plugin to translate the site into English, French and Italian.
    It works fine, but it doesn’t work at the start page, because the plugin is a sidebar widget. And on the start page there is no sidebar.
    A header widget does not exists in Education Hub pro, so even not helpful.

    Does anyone have a best practice tipp for that ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Team of MTI Schmidt


    Hello @edu_horse,

    As per the current design of the Education Hub Pro theme, the theme does not contain any widget area in the header that might be an ideal place for a translator widget to be placed.

    However, if you want to display the sidebar in the front page that contains the translator you can achieve the request by simply going to Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Home Page Options and check the “Show Home Contents” Checkbox.

    This will allow you to display the Static front page contents as well as the sidebar you have setup for inner pages in the front page along with the translator widget below the News and Events Section.

    Hope this Helps,

    Best Regards !!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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