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    Language of my site is finnish. Text in the button of call to action section is “View”.

    How can I change it to “Lue lisää *and more finnish words*”?


    Hello @maija,

    The theme is already translation ready and can be translated to any language .

    For more clear information ,
    In your theme file you can find the .pot file in Yummy > languages > yummy.pot. Using this file you can translate to any language you want.

    For this you can use any gettext editor software like :


    You can download the software where you can see many option for the translation.

    Now you can choose Create new translation and then select the language of your choice .

    Here you can begin to translate the string of you choice and save it. Now it will create .mo and .po file in the theme languages folder.

    Also please go to Dashboard -> Settings -> General and on the bottom you can see Site Language option change it to your language.

    Hope this Helps,

    Best regards !!


    Maybe I’m dummy (I know I am :)) But those words stays in English what ever I do.

    In languages folder there is fi_FI.mo and fi_FI.po files. And that yummy.pot- file.
    Language of this site in Finnish.

    What is wrong?


    It works!!
    There was two choices for Finnish in poedit (fi_FI and fi). fi works 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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