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    Yesterday I posted here concerning the same issue and you said most of my cache was being controlled by a plugin but believe me i uninstalled it but have the same problem. Please advise me the way forward. This problem has persisted. could it because of updates?? please let me know. My temp url: http://www.hillcrestkenya.com/secondary



    @denniso, from latest inspection we found cache plugin is not active to display your site from cache.

    Since you have mentioned that you are still experiencing the same problem of caching, we would like to make you clear that theme never “Caches” your site content. As a matter of fact, theme only deals with an appearance and content presentation and such functionality of caching is treated as a plugin territory hence not coded in the theme. Therefore, it is not related to the theme updates. But still we recommend you to upload your theme to the latest available version for other features and security matters.

    In this moment, there could be other secondary reasons like some hosting servers as well do cache their site contents. You should consider talking to your host once to verify whether they put the server cache of their hosted sites.

    Hope you have got some insight on this caching problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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