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    Russ Tegen

    When selecting either left or right sidebar templates for a page, I’m only able to use content from “Default Sidebar” I can select Sidebar1, Sidebar2 and Sidebar3 under “Wen Travel Pro” options but only the Default sidebar content is always displayed. Is it a bug or am I missing a step?


    Hi @RUSSTR,

    It’s working fine on our side. maybe try to go to widgets ( Appreance >> Widgets ) there you can find the optional sidebars that you have selected for the page in which you can add the contents.

    You can watch the video below and as you can see it’s working fine.



    Hello, I have the same problem and I can’t see the video. can you help me?

    Russ Tegen

    My issue has never went away either. Only the default side bar works.

    Russ Tegen

    Hey Sanam. My license renewal for the template is coming up. I really like the template and would like to renew but having only a single sidebar content to work with is VERY LIMITING. Any plans on fixing this bug at all?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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