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    Ron Rivers

    Purchased this theme this morning and am really disappointed in the design UX and lack of customizable assets. Maybe I am missing something? Please see the issues below – all of the above are about customizing the front page. (Customizing ▸ Front Page > Introduction )

    Issue #1:
    Using a static page setup I want to manually develop the page and have it insert, including an image. When I use the theme editor to create these settings it displays the text but not the image. I do not want to use the featured image feature.

    Issue #2: How do I remove the buttons from the front page. There is no remove button option that I can find.

    Issue #3: If I use the customize option the image loads and is not alignable. Why can’t I just port the image directly from my custom created home page?



    Actually, the points that you have explained as issues are not exactly issues. Pro version of any theme provides additional functional features. However, it doesn’t gives the full flexibility of customizing the layout completely.

    Also, regarding removing the buttons, we can provide you with custom CSS. Will you please provide us with the site URL along with the screenshot of the buttons to be removed so that we can provide you with a precise fix ?

    Furthermore, please check the given link to know about the full features provided by the theme : https://themepalace.com/downloads/myself-pro/#compare-table

    For the features that are not given by the theme, you need to work on the core code customization. If you require the help of an expert, you can consider hiring our professional developer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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