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    Hi, the site I need help with is http://www.thehealthyyou.live

    In the Primary Menu I have a Testimonials page. The testimonials I have on the home page in the review section each have a separate page for each testimonial.
    When I hover over the the Testimonial page in the Primary Menu I have a drop down of each testimonial and I can click to view each individually.

    Is there a way that I could have all the testimonials on one page,

    keep the drop down that specifies each one,

    and when I click a specific testimonial from the drop down that I would be directed to the specific section (of the single Testimonial page that contains all the testimonials) on the same page

    I would also like to apply this to the rest of my drop downs. My client needs to view everything under the Nutrition, Emotional Therapy pages one page respectively

    Can this be done in this theme?

    Grateful for any help!!!



    The feature you are requesting is not available currently on the theme and cannot be obtained by a simple hack code.
    The feature requires heavy code customization which should be done only by professional developers as it can effect other parts of the theme.

    So our suggestion to you would be to hire a customizer to obtain your feature request.
    To hire a customizer please visit

    Hope you understand.
    Best regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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