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    HI @PSINK, hope you´re doing well. I have some problems, and I assume that they are due to the edufication pro theme.

    1. If I try to change the color and font of the text in “text-editor” elements in elementor, the changes do not apply. I think there is a setting in the theme but I can´t find it. I can describe it more clearly with screenshots if you wish

    2. I still cannot set a color code for the yellows in the theme. E.g. the phone and mail symbol are super bright yellow. I need that one in more dark. Could you please help me regarding that issue?

    3. The menu, accessing the website through mobile, has still a blue blackground. How can I change that?

    That´s it for now, thank you very much in advance. I appreciate any help.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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