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    its me again 🙂

    Can you tell me what i have to do that the events looks like the demo page?
    In my case its look like a list. terrible.

    i didn’t find anything in the documentation.

    Thank you for your answer.



    Hello @restaurant-ruble,

    To have the event look like in the demo you need to activate the Events Manager Plugin as recommended by the theme itself .Now create the events as per your requirements.

    Now create the page Event and place the widget Restaurant Featured: Event in the page . After this go to event edit option of the widget and place the id of the event that is created in the Admin Panel > Events .

    Refer to screen shot for clear info :




    Hope this helps .

    Best Regards!!



    thank you. Works great! *thumbsup*

    But i have an another question to the event manager. The month at the widget.
    For example “february”. How can i set it up to the german?

    Thanks for your reply. Kind regards



    Hello @restaurant-ruble,

    The string you have mentioned comes from the plugin . So in order translate the string you need create .pot file of the plugin using software like Eazy Po. Create the “languages” folder in you plugin and place the .pot file inside the languages folder you have created

    Using this file you can translate to any language you want.

    For this you can use any get text editor software like given below:


    You can download the software where you can see many option for the translation.
    Now you can choose Create new translation and then select the language of your choice .
    Here you can begin to translate the string of you choice and save it. Now it will create .mo and .po file in the plugin languages folder.

    Also please go to Dashboard -> Settings -> General and on the bottom you can see Site Language option change it to your language.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards!!

    Brady Caverly

    Several quick questions (I’ve been through the settings and it looks like I might need to edit the html in the formatting section but it’s but I’m not clear where and how to do it and hope you can help me.)

    Is there any way for it to put the image on the right instead of the left?

    I have the 24 time switch set to off yet, the overlay with the time is still displaying time in 24 hour units.

    The Event Widget displays the address of the location but not the name of the location. I would like it to display the name as well, most events are simply at our restaurant.

    How do I get it to display the day of the week (ie: Thursday as well as date)?

    Thanks for you patience with me.


    Hello @restaurant-ruble,

    We would like to apologize for delay in replying to you .

    To put the image on right use below given CSS in Customize > Additional CSS .

    .so-widget-restaurantz-featured-event .featured-event-widget-main-wrapper .event-highlight-section, .so-widget-restaurantz-featured-event .featured-event-widget-main-wrapper .event-details-section {
        float: right;

    For second issue we will fix it in the coming updates of the theme .

    For third issue it is the feature of the theme itself. As much as we love to provide some custom code this id beyond the support we offer for our product .

    You can always consider hiring the professional developer for this and to do so please follow below link :


    Now for issue four , The day of the week is shown in the event as you can see in below screen shot :


    If this not what you meant then please explain your query properly further .

    Hope this helps .

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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