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    I bought today the WEN Associate Pro. I activate the license.
    But now i see dat de license expires next year. Must i pay every year the $49 ?
    I haven’t read this on your site.



    Hello @femke98

    Thanks for purchasing this theme.

    Yes, the license expires after one year. Below are the details of purchase and renew.
    If you want to update your theme after a year, then you need to re-purchase it. But if you don’t need update then you don’t need to re-purchase it.
    If you do not wish to renew after a year, your site will still be running fine except your product would not be eligible to get new version updates.
    You can further refer http://themepalace.com/faq/

    And sorry for the confusion.

    Best Regards!!!


    Oké, thanx for the answer.
    I don’t know is the updates are necessary. I can think it over by a hole year 😉


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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