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    Hi there,

    I’m currently using the ‘News & Events’ section to feature our latest posts and would like to use the ‘Featured content’ to display our upcoming events. I used the setting ‘posts’ and input the IDs but it didn’t work. Could you advise if this is possible or if there is another solution?

    Also another issue – on the Events list page – showing the grid of all event posts, I’d like to change the date posted to be the date of the event, I think its a bit misleading otherwise. Could you advise on how I could do that?



    Hello @keziacw,

    First of all our sincere apology for the delay in replying to you.

    Also thank you very much for using the pro version of the theme.

    In news and event section you have multiple options to set the posts i.e. you can choose to display most recent post or choose the category of your choice or the events that you have created from Event section from the admin panel which comes from the plugin TP education.

    So nither of this option has the filed to enter the id of the posts. There is only one filed to enter the no and it is for controlling the no of posts.

    Further, selecting the recent post option will display the most recent posts that you created from Admin Panel > Post. The most appropriate option would be selecting the Event categories/ tags option to display the events from the plugin.

    Additionally, for the second query, them has only the option to display the polished date, not the event date.

    Thank you 🙂 .

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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